Imágenes, detalles, concreción… Claves de proyecto que buscan resolver desde lo particular a lo general.

calebdwood: Monet, haystacks in motion Visiones del mundo (III) Un poco de “Monet” en esta calurosa noche de verano.

s-h-e-e-r: The Michigan Building, built in 1925, formerly housed a stage and movie palace. In the 1970s the theater space was converted into a parking garage to meet the demands of the building’s office tenants, who would have most certainly left for the suburbs if they did not have adequate […]

View post on // MATERIAL. Torre del Homenaje de Huéscar. Antonio Jiménez Torrecillas.

scalesofperception: When faith moves mountains | Francis Alÿs | Socks Studio For his 2002 “When faith moves mountains” he literally transformed a common figure of speech into an action piece. In the mountains just outside Lima, Peru, Alÿs asked 500 volunteers to walk in a line and use a shovel to move […]

nacionrotonda: Frontón Recoletos, Madrid

architecturalthesis: Sunset Cliffs, San Diego Sketch

architecturalthesis: Friday nights are for design forward thinking

marcomazzoni: “Social Anxiety Disorder” from the series “Illustrated Encyclopedia of Mental Diseases” for CLUSTER Jonathan LeVine Gallery August 3rd, New York

jesus-perea: Abstract composition 830 / 2016 Fine art print – 84 x 60 cm