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Eternal temporariness in the refugee camps

Temporary, spontaneous, improvised, dirty, unhygienic, vulnerable… These are just some of the adjectives that are often attributed to refugee camps. The number of displaced persons in the world today stands at 68.5 million, the largest refugee crisis since the Second World War. The temporariness in many of these cases is […]

Coloring scars: Boa Mistura

A few days ago, we reviewed one of the greatest problems that the cities of this century suffer and will suffer: Gentrification. In this analysis, we learned that one of the most important factors for this phenomenon to happen is the stigmatization of the neighborhood in which this problem is […]

tilted arc serra

The gravity of the extraordinary: Richard Serra

With a Mallorcan father and Ukrainian mother, Richard Serra was raised in the post-war San Francisco (1939). His interest in literature led him to Berkeley, where he could afford to stay thanks to his work in a metallurgical foundry – which he himself later recognized would mark his entire career. […]

Life Corridors

How much of what we know about nature in relation to our cities and architecture is real? Are we plagued by clichés and assumptions that shape our work, but in reality are ineffective tools or can lead to problems? This week we seek to answer these questions, and learn a […]

Memories Scraps: Marzena Novak

This is a work that surprises and impresses by its simplicity and ability to connect with us. We are faced with a work that is incredibly similar to the work we will have done in our gridded notebooks at times of mental disconnection. However, there is something different about this […]

Low-Tech: A step backwards to gain momentum

The concept of “sustainability” is not a new creation of contemporary society applied to architecture. Over the last 60 years, experts from all fields of social and energy knowledge have understood that the evolution of ways of living – cities, rural areas… – has been marked by destruction and over-consumption, […]

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The Nudity of the Patina

Patina From the lat. patĭna `plate’, by the varnish that the old plates are covered with. In the fourth meaning of the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language, the word “patina” is defined as the indefinable character that things acquire over time. Architecture and art, more vividly the latter, are […]

After Cinema: The Eighth Art

In 1895, the story of one of many people’s favorite pastimes begins. From the moment it was born to the present day, it has undergone great transformations, and the most surprising thing is that these changes have occurred in a relatively short time in relation to the history of man. […]


“Less is nothing” or The Work that Broke Mies

When dealing with an architectural project, the client – individual or entity – changes his name, often literally and figuratively, to “patient“: his need or ailment is not an explicitly verbal or pictorial truth, but the role of the professional is to diagnose the implicit needs and resolve them satisfactorily. […]

21st century frescoes: el niño de las pinturas

Opening with the “streetwire Giraffe” -now lost after a reform- in our social networks, we move to the Cuarto Real de Santo Domingo, in Granada. It is a restored space to show its history, but it is also a building that can be used for temporary exhibitions. There is currently […]