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Eternal temporariness in the refugee camps

Temporary, spontaneous, improvised, dirty, unhygienic, vulnerable… These are just some of the adjectives that are often attributed to refugee camps. The number of displaced persons in the world today stands at 68.5 million, the largest refugee crisis since the Second World War. The temporariness in many of these cases is […]

Coloring scars: Boa Mistura

A few days ago, we reviewed one of the greatest problems that the cities of this century suffer and will suffer: Gentrification. In this analysis, we learned that one of the most important factors for this phenomenon to happen is the stigmatization of the neighborhood in which this problem is […]

Life Corridors

How much of what we know about nature in relation to our cities and architecture is real? Are we plagued by clichés and assumptions that shape our work, but in reality are ineffective tools or can lead to problems? This week we seek to answer these questions, and learn a […]

The generation that never hung their pictures

Currently, more than 20% of the Spanish population lives in rented housing, although this figure rises among people between 20 and 39 years old, reaching 11 million citizens, almost a quarter of the total. In addition, more than half are not planning to buy a home in the next 10 […]

Memories Scraps: Marzena Novak

This is a work that surprises and impresses by its simplicity and ability to connect with us. We are faced with a work that is incredibly similar to the work we will have done in our gridded notebooks at times of mental disconnection. However, there is something different about this […]

The Other Displaced: Gentrification

The word “gentrification” appears thanks to Ruth Glass in 1964. This sociologist denounces what was happening in some of London’s neighbourhoods in that decade: the displacement of people with few resources, who give up their property to the city’s bourgeoisie. In the process, Ruth watched as many of these neighborhoods […]

After Cinema: The Eighth Art

In 1895, the story of one of many people’s favorite pastimes begins. From the moment it was born to the present day, it has undergone great transformations, and the most surprising thing is that these changes have occurred in a relatively short time in relation to the history of man. […]

21st century frescoes: el niño de las pinturas

Opening with the “streetwire Giraffe” -now lost after a reform- in our social networks, we move to the Cuarto Real de Santo Domingo, in Granada. It is a restored space to show its history, but it is also a building that can be used for temporary exhibitions. There is currently […]

Artificial Days

Year 1780: Aimé Argand invents the oil lamp. Year 1800: Humpry Davy discovers the carbon arc in his electrolysis experiments. This effect exceeds 10,000 lumens – 1,000 times more light than a candle-. Year 1807: Gas is used for the first time as public lighting in London’s Pall Mall street. […]


When Hell Is Still Your Home: Re-inhabiting Syria

Over the past seven years, news about Syria and the conflict since the so-called “Arab Spring” has filled the front pages and timelines. Since 2011, all of us have witnessed in real time the evolution of a civil war of complex and murky factions whose tentacles undoubtedly escape the borders of […]