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Patio de Sombras was born as a source of thought on the practice of architecture and art. This is the main focus of motivation for good practice. Have fun!

On Fortune and Misfortune: The Luck of the Artist

Before we begin, we want to remind you that today is the LAST DAY to participate in the Patio de Sombras draw. So if you haven’t already, what are you waiting for? There are prizes of 2000€ in books, magazines and more at your fingertips. Run, it’s over! In a […]

Chronicle of a death? Cuatro Caminos depot

We cannot talk about this project without first mentioning its creator, Antonio Palacios Ramilo. This figure is well known among those inhabitants of Madrid who enjoy such emblematic buildings as the Casino de Madrid, the Edificio de las Cariátides (the former Banco Español del Río de la Plata), the Círculo […]

In the intimacy of your patio and my roof: Projects for the city of the future

Intervention on the existing city and its methodology, both architecturally and urbanly, is a subject, fortunately or unfortunately, in constant debate and evolution –what would be of us without that debate?– Within this eternal dilemma, disparate voices appear that speak about lost values, opportunities and urban offers; others less audible […]

Sáenz de Oiza’s “Duck”

Francisco Javier Sáenz de Oíza | Cáseda, 12 October 1918. Madrid, 18 July 2000; he is undoubtedly one of the masters of modern architecture in our country. A controversial, risky, reflective and critical creator of energetic, vehement and passionate verb, whose works are admired and discussed in equal parts, but […]

Earth’s Dreams: The Journey of Creativity

In Patio de Sombras we have already considered before the capacity of inspiration that Inert Nature can have. This week, we look again at the sky, to focus on one of the celestial bodies that has most aroused our curiosity, imagination and respect: The Moon. Its size, movement and changing […]

Manifesto: Art in slippers

We live in limited and interconnected societies, cities, towns, communities… More or less massified nuclei of different individuals, with different aspirations and capacities. Every day, we cross our gaze with dozens of people who instantly transmit to us impressions that may go unnoticed or make a dent in our spirits. […]

Living on rails

The holidays are over for most of us – we are within that majority – and that is why this week we want to link it in some way to these. Among the possible topics, there was the idea of dedicating it to a vehicle that is extremely useful to […]

The Design Needed: 40 years without the Eames marriage

If we talk about 20th century architecture and design, it is impossible to exclude from the list of authors the couple responsible for the most iconic designs of Modern Art. Architects, designers and directors, Charles and Ray Eames – as a sentimental and creative couple – became names renowned for […]

Eternal temporariness in the refugee camps

Temporary, spontaneous, improvised, dirty, unhygienic, vulnerable… These are just some of the adjectives that are often attributed to refugee camps. The number of displaced persons in the world today stands at 68.5 million, the largest refugee crisis since the Second World War. The temporariness in many of these cases is […]

Coloring scars: Boa Mistura

A few days ago, we reviewed one of the greatest problems that the cities of this century suffer and will suffer: Gentrification. In this analysis, we learned that one of the most important factors for this phenomenon to happen is the stigmatization of the neighborhood in which this problem is […]