Christmas scenarios

Don’t worry! We haven’t forgotten! Did you miss our usual Tuesday publication? We’re justified… We asked Santa for help with this week’s entry, and of course, we had to wait until tonight for him to put everything under the Christmas tree in our patio. Now that we have everything we […]

One range less

Is architecture losing value? Where do purely idea contests lead us into? What is the value of constructed architecture nowadays?

Unbelievable. Tale of a lie

When in 1987 Pollock captured an extinct species billions of years ago flying over Boston, people had no choice but to believe. Was it all false?

Degrees of freedom?

Are orchestras becoming less and less fashionable? Or to focus even more on that question: are orchestra conductors in danger of extinction, because orchestras are less and less fashionable? Have we gone mad? No, perhaps you intuit where we want to go with this extravagant question, but for those who […]

[Draw 2019] 3 years of “Patio”

All right! Maybe our anniversary was in September… You have caught us, and is that many of you even congratulated us on those dates and tell you what was to come: Many changes and a lot of surprises for you . Maybe since then we’ve been a little quiet and […]

Ideas or identities?

At what point did we lose our way and begin to move away from local identities? Does this always happen? Is there a middle ground?

Paper strata

What is design? How do you design? Can you enjoy it? A new chapter in our “Tales of the Thousand and One Nights of Delivery”.

Breaking Bad and El Camino: A film by Quentin Tarantino

One of the most iconic scenes of Hollywood storie is the next shootout: Joe Cabot (Lawrence Tierney) pointing his gun at Mr. White (Interpreted by Harvey Keitel), while Eddie Cabot (Chris Penn) points at him, and then the shooting begins, killing the Cabots and seriously wounding Mr. White. The end of […]