Patio de Sombras is launching a new stage, and we hope you want to be part of it with us! www.patiodesombras.com is a new website, more open and related to the user where you can send your comments, contributions, tips, thoughts…. supporting the idea of a multidisciplinary platform.

The idea of connecting us with users through social networks and emails, led us to the search for direct interaction, where we could offer a connection beyond the screen, collaborating in exhibitions, conferences and presentations along our path, as a way to open the door to the collaboration that Patio de Sombras promotes.

Without further ado, we hope that you will find here a place where learning and collaboration will be a priority, and that, of course, you will have more fun than ever. Welcome to the “Sombras” (shadows)!

Don’t forget to share your experience through social networks so your friends can get to know us too.