Patio de Sombras entered the Archipelago project in 2018, in search of a way to connect with organizations that carry out surprising work in the field of architectural research, generated from the University. From this point of view, new magazines come together every day, managing to expand more and more a particular point of view in a globalized world: A bridge between cultures generated by the need to see beyond. You can read below the welcome letter to Archipelago:

We are Archipelago (International Network of Architecture Magazines) – a new digital destination in the vast topography of the world wide web where you can follow numerous architecture student publishing platforms – all at once. Our aim is to offer alternative content created by and for students and young architects around Europe, as well as to put a spotlight on valuable international youth initiatives.

Learn more about Archipelago and its members on its Facebook page.

Accede aquí al resto de islas que componen Archipelago:

Dédalo – Porto, Portugal

F3 Arquitectura – Madrid, Spain

Klapstuk – Ghent, Belgium

Kreatura – Krakow, Poland

La – Fribourg, Switzerland

L’Atelier – Lausanne, Switzerland

Nu – Coimbra, Portugal

Spero – Fez, Morocco

Tonic – Glasgow, United Kingdom

Tristotrojka – Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Zagreb, Croatia y Novi Sad, Serbia