Call for Papers

Patio de Sombras is growing and hopefully will continue to do so for a long time to come! Little by little we have more and more fields to investigate, reflect on and tell the rest of the world about. Although we are a small team, the amount of text we receive and those produced by the writing team goes through a quality control that requires more and more work.

Whether you want to publish periodically or make a specific contribution, Patio de Sombras is an open field where you can bring out your reflections, put them into debate and generate a meeting of people around it. And we will be delighted to receive it! Whether you have written, photographed, drawn, sculpted… or if you have never done so and are curious, you can open yourself up to a platform that only seeks to diversify knowledge.

Send us your information and data and we will be delighted to take your contribution into account. We will contact you immediately!