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Quiet…. It’s rolling! Attentive to the cinematographic panorama: Short films, recommendations, films…

Breaking Bad and El Camino: A film by Quentin Tarantino

One of the most iconic scenes of Hollywood storie is the next shootout: Joe Cabot (Lawrence Tierney) pointing his gun at Mr. White (Interpreted by Harvey Keitel), while Eddie Cabot (Chris Penn) points at him, and then the shooting begins, killing the Cabots and seriously wounding Mr. White. The end of […]

fotografia victor enrich

The post-produced world: Víctor Enrich

The personal gaze of the Catalan photographer Victor Enrich on the architectures he has visited leaves subjective, unreal and undoubtedly beautiful jewels.

arco campbell

The art supermarket. ARCO&Co

In 1982, Juana de Aizpuru, probably the most important and influential gallery owner in Spain today, decided to create a contemporary art fair in Spain. Before this, the Movida had awakened the country from a cultural lethargy that had lasted too long. But on an international level, and especially in […]

About “Black Mirror” and a village in Albacete: José Luis Cuerda

With a kind smile, a thick beard, already gray, and an inseparable hat, José Luis Cuerda seems to tell like an avid liar, but without malice, stories of everyday characters in a world that logic makes us deny; with a temperance that carries his words -and scripts-, as if they […]

After Cinema: The Eighth Art

In 1895, the story of one of many people’s favorite pastimes begins. From the moment it was born to the present day, it has undergone great transformations, and the most surprising thing is that these changes have occurred in a relatively short time in relation to the history of man. […]