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Images, details, concretion…. Project keys that seek to solve from the particular to the general.

Art to forget

On the occasion of our collaboration with archsharing and docexdoce, this small reflection on the art generated during the pandemics appears.

How does the series of this art follow from a contemporary point of view?

Pictorial tension: Henryk Stażewski

Henryk Stażewski, the Polish painter who discovered the shadow on the canvases. We learn from him what relationships between forms mean. Are you in?

Drawn Music: Iannis Xenakis

The 20th century has left us a large number of names that will be remembered in the world thanks to the grain of sand they contributed to our cultural heritage. Iannis Xenakis is one of those names, although he is much better known in the world of music than in […]

The other inhabitants: “Spontaneous Cities”

At Patio de Sombras we believe that the role nature should play in architecture and urban planning projects should be fundamental. Nature not understood as an ornamental element of the project, but accepting it as a living element that helps to sustain the ecosystems of our surroundings. We saw some […]

Earth’s Dreams: The Journey of Creativity

In Patio de Sombras we have already considered before the capacity of inspiration that Inert Nature can have. This week, we look again at the sky, to focus on one of the celestial bodies that has most aroused our curiosity, imagination and respect: The Moon. Its size, movement and changing […]

tilted arc serra

The gravity of the extraordinary: Richard Serra

With a Mallorcan father and Ukrainian mother, Richard Serra was raised in the post-war San Francisco (1939). His interest in literature led him to Berkeley, where he could afford to stay thanks to his work in a metallurgical foundry – which he himself later recognized would mark his entire career. […]