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Patio de Sombras was born as a source of thought on the practice of architecture and art. This is the main focus of motivation for good practice. Have fun!

Hic sunt dracones

In the past, the phrase “Hic sunt dracones” frequently appeared in cartographies. What dangers did they advertise? And if so, where are those dragons now?

The curious art of destroying art

On certain occasions, art destroys, only to create a more abstract art, beyond what pre-existed, and which now transcends its own limits.

Without canvas

The Amazon rainforest is burning, we are indignant, but are we really aware of other ways in which we also harm the planet?

Building with air

It seems that construction with EFTE and other lightweight materials has led us to rethink what such important concepts as “limit” mean. How far have we come?

Phantom limb syndrome

Walking down the usual streets, something suddenly feels different. Wrong. What happened?

I too want to have fun!

We are in the middle of July and despite the heat, the youngest do not exhaust their desire for fun. But do they all have the same opportunities when it comes to spending their batteries?

Do androids dream of…?

Since P.K. Dick wondered if androids dreamed of electric sheep, a long time has passed. Now it remains to see what the IAs dream of