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Patio de Sombras was born as a source of thought on the practice of architecture and art. This is the main focus of motivation for good practice. Have fun!

The reconquest of silence: The Pritzker Prize

“It is alarming that publications devoted to architecture have banished from their pages the words Beauty, Inspiration, Magic, Spellbound, Enchantment, as well as the concepts of Serenity, Silence, Intimacy and Amazement All these have nestled in my soul, and though I am fully aware that I have not done them […]

The pussies they wanted to hide

With characteristic strokes and style of a very personal neoclassicism, Francisco de Goya captured the body of a young, relaxed and natural woman, known as sensual and satisfied, on canvas around 1800. The young woman’s identity dissolves along with the story of a painting that has gone down in history […]

101 Architectural Fantasies: Yakov Chernikhov

A few months ago, Mr. Alberto Campo Baeza told us “An architect cannot not love the rest of the arts”. We, following this vision, focus this week on remembering the work of Yakov Chernikhov, an architect who, among other things, left us a legacy of more than 101 drawn fantasies. […]

“The Grand Finale”: Views at Inert Nature

Just over a week ago, on September 15, 2017 at 13:55 Spanish time, the last sigh of information was received from an artificial object that had been in constant fall for almost 20 years. The last whereabouts of this object is at an average distance of 9.58 astronomical units, that […]

Minimum “housing”: Hong Kong’s sarcophagi

This week we have decided to stay in the Asian world, after the previous publication, to bring to Patio de Sombras a somewhat darker vision of Chinese society today. China is a country that stands out for its population density, where cities have become overcrowded. By immersing ourselves in the […]

“Fuijan Tulou”: Chinese Circular Communities

Defined as “large multi-story buildings, which appear in the mountainous area of south-east Fuijan”, these communities are much more. The ” Fuijan Tulou” are essentially circular buildings (although they also exist in square and rectangular shapes) which are used to house and protect a whole clan from bandits and outside […]