Patio de Sombras was born in 2016 with a lot of illusion and a little madness, and since then we have grown day by day. Changes, problems, solutions, adventures and misadventures. We have been through a lot in this time, and the best thing is that we have not faced any of this alone; we have always had colleagues on our side who have not hesitated to roll up their sleeves and get in with us to the bottom of everything we proposed, often with more enthusiasm than we ever imagined ourselves to have on our side. Faced with these actions that only denote that there is hidden art in every corner of the planet, all that remains for us to say is

A million thanks to each one of you.

Readers, writers, collaborators… Thanks to you Patio de Sombras is what it is today.

Ours collaborators

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We want to thank also…

Alberto Campo

Fernando Abellanas

Emilio Tuñón

Alejandro Segarra

Miguel Rosón

Victor Navarro

María Langarita

Rebeca Morgado

…and you. See you in the shadows.