Patio de Sombras – Info

Patio de Sombras is an original publication registered with the Spanish National Library on August 23, 2017 with an international serial number assignment:

ISSN 2531-0143

Patio de Sombras is a weekly online publication that promotes the exchange of ideas among professionals from various fields of design, art, architecture, painting, music… As a way to maintain a constant exchange between technique and sensitivity of the work in fluctuation with its function in search of beauty.

Patio de Sombras was born on August 1, 2016 as an original idea of a group of architects and artists, establishing itself:

  • Publisher: Patio de Sombras
  • Editor-in-chief: Daniel Quesada Linares – 75170718 W
  • Editor: David Ariza Pérez – 77139027 V
  • Place of publication: Madrid (Spain)
  • ISSN 2531-0143
  • Telephone for notification purposes: +34678822009
  • Address for notifications: Pico Cejo St, 5, Ground Floor, Door 7 – Madrid (Spain) – 28015
  • Email for notification purposes:

Patio de Sombras Team