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Our favorite section is increasingly filled with architects and artists, who come to join the Shadows. On this occasion, María Langarita and Víctor Navarro dedicated valuable time to us, taking advantage of their visit to Granada, to become part of our Patios(+)Personales. The School of Architecture of this city serves as an incomparable setting for a minute in which the duo of architects answers our already classic question, with views of the Sierra Nevada in the background.

For those who have hardly ever heard of them, this is a study that in just thirteen years (2005) has emerged as one of the pioneering groups due to its approach to refurbishment and new floor plans, with an impeccable use of unconventional materials such as plastics, and technological inclusion both in the development of the project and in its daily operation. Works such as MediaLab Prado, RedBull Music Academy  in Nave 15 of Matadero or Lolita  -Infrastructure for events-, compose the portfolio of a studio that from its inception “faces problems as opportunities” when intervening.

And it is this thought that has led to them being awarded national and international prizes such as Young Architects of the Year (London) in 2014, the Prize at the 12th Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urban Planning in 2013, and the FAD 2012 Prize, which includes an extensive list of mentions, exhibitions and conferences from all over the world.

Langarita, Navarro and Art

As Victor tells us, both face Art and Architecture from the same perspective, where the key lies in a projection from memory to future generations and the relationship with the product: Time is the nexus that unites the values of all creative disciplines. Without a doubt, this is an interesting point of view, and perhaps it marks the accentuation of an architecture as personal as that of the two Spanish architects.

However, Langarita and Navarro still have much more to tell, so stay tuned next week! If you want more information, you can take a look at the Langarita-Navarro website.

Finally, we would like to thank María and Víctor for their time and kindness, and we would like to count on your collaboration again in the future.

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