Second Anniversary Contest!

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Finally! Here we are to tell you what we have been planning for so long with all our affection. Our second anniversary! It has been a long road, but we hope this is nothing compared to what lies ahead of us.

We have been announcing our contest throughout all of September, and that is because of what we have achieved. After getting in touch with numerous publishers, artists, and different profiles that could provide material of interest to you, we got the participation of the best!

We already told you that among those companies that are going to collaborate with us are the prestigious publications “El Croquis“, “Márgenes Arquitectura“, “Arquitectura Viva“, “TC Cuadernos” and “Tectónica“. But we didn’t want to limit ourselves to giving away publications about architecture or art, we wanted to bring you that art. That is why we also decided to contact our friends “Redolacha” and Vanessa, who are going to participate in this contest with their skills: Redolacha with his drawings, and Vanessa with her photography.

But, let’s go to what you’re looking forward to seeing! What are those packs like? Here they are!

That’ s right! We have managed to turn this party into a celebration of architectural culture and art, and all thanks to the generosity of these sponsors who have behaved wonderfully towards all of us. In total we are going to raffle 39 publications!

But… How to participate? You can find out in two ways, for the most scrupulous, here we leave our bases with the idea that you can resolve any doubt you have – and if you continue to doubt, ask us! – But to facilitate this whole process, we have made the following summary:

Here we leave you the links to participate!

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We wish you the best of luck!

As you may also have noticed, this celebration is not only about our second anniversary, but we have been working hard to make our content more widely available. Some of you may have noticed that we have been publishing – and updating – our content to make it bilingual. We wanted to take the step of making it official right now, with our second anniversary.

But not only that, we also thought it would be a good time to launch our Patreon account to the public. Making this content consumes a part of our time, which we are delighted to invest. But there are times when this can collide with our working and economic life – for example, all these shipments will be at our expense-. That’s why we decided to start a Patreon account to raise some money from. The income obtained will be used to cover these costs arising from future raffles, the maintenance of web hosting – and possible improvement of it – and many other projects that we have planned for you in the future. Our dream is to be able to turn this into our profession, to be able to bring you more interviews, contests, and quality material -both digital and physical-, but for that we need you. So if you want to help us – and get some gifts for it – don’t hesitate to visit our Patreon and subscribe to one of our plans, make a specific donation or simply spread our work with your friends. Everything is welcome!

With this we have already told you everything! We hope you enjoy this contest, and we wish you the best of luck. We would also like to thank El Croquis, Márgenes Arquitectura, Arquitectura Viva, TC Cuadernos, Tectónica, Redolacha and Vanessa once again for having decided to bet on us, participating in this contest -we hope to see you again next year!-