A veces, “el viaje de vuelta”


We have chosen this very special title for a no less special entry. Three and a half years ago we started a journey that, as in all unexpected journeys, has taken us to places we would never have imagined being, both physically and mentally. We have discovered professionals who have ended up becoming friends , and from friends to partners. We have been with personalities we have always admired and treated us as you would you, giving us secrets that we have tried to transport to you in the best way we know.

Patio de Sombras was born with the need to learn and to rethink concepts that, in some way, had been taken for granted, and that began to attract you because of the need to discuss those concepts as it had not been done before. For wanting to talk about what was taken for granted or to reflect on masterpieces with clean eyes. Patio de Sombras has always been a playground that we have tried to maintain with the greatest vitality and amount of “infance” possible, but it has always been alive for and thanks to you, with weekly publications so varied and open that many times we have had trouble ending up pigeonholed in one subject, looking for the creative processes to merge and manage to understand Art and Architecture as different, but common disciplines.

That’s why we’re taking this “journy back”, as our beloved A. J. Torrecillas would say. A new era is about to begin for Patio de Sombras. We are not saying goodbye, and we ask you to be more attentive than ever to our social networks, because we want Patio to be more involved in the artistic creative processes, in the contemporary architectural projection and in the lives of young professionals who all over the world are ready to show the planet the creativity of a new generation, born from the era with the greatest technological advance, from the world of globality and connections, and from the culture of “the instantaneous”.

We want to show you the contemporary creative panorama and we need a few months to work hard, to throw away this and that myth, and to start up a great project in which you will be more and more involved and will debate with more strength. We want to thank all those who have collaborated with us in these three years and have done their bit to make us get so far.

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See you soon in the Patio 😉 A big hug.

From Dani, David y Álvaro